Now that your Chevy lease term is coming to an end, did you know that you have multiple options for you next steps? Our dealership in Scranton, PA is here to help!

Turn It In

First, you have the option of returning your lease and walking away. If you have not gone over the mileage or have any other damage or major clean-up due your returned lease, you can simply turn in the keys and walk away. Our Wilkes-Barre area dealership will even accept your lease return if you did not originally lease with us.

Get Into A New Chevy Lease

Second, you can turn in your lease and choose a new vehicle to lease at Tom Hesser Chevrolet. We offer a great selection of new vehicles that can be leased at much the same terms as your original lease. Keep in mind that if you have completed at least two years of your lease agreement, you can trade in your current lease on a new lease with no penalties (provided the car has no overages or severe damage). Again, our dealership in Scranton, PA offers a great selection to choose your new lease from!

Purchase Your Current Vehicle

Third, if you have completed at least two years of your lease, you can come to our dealership and choose to purchase your leased vehicle. Your lease agreement states what the payment should be and how long you'll have that payment. Complete the paperwork, and your leased vehicle can become yours! This is also a good idea if you see you will put more mileage on the car than allowed per your lease terms.

Contact Tom Hesser Chevrolet Today

We want to assist you with your leased vehicle, whether you turn it in, trade for a new lease, or need to purchase your leased vehicle. Our finance department will take excellent care of you, and our inventory is second to none in selection!

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